Sugar is almost the primery requirement of human being and it is produced from sugarcane hence the sugarcane is grown in most of the countries. As per the present situation the sugar industry is in the hand of some monopolized people due to the big and giant plants or due to the lack of small technology. But in running days there is a big craze of small technology at every where and in every field. Very few percent of people have a big investment capacity while 95% people who have the capacity of small investment in small industries and hence our advanced small technology succeed in the world market.

Very important 2-3 big factors are playing the main role to reduce the production cost of sugar in our small sugar plant. Generally 35 to 40% cost as against the total production cost of sugar in big sugar plant is considered for transportation cost from farms to sugar plant. Most of or entire transportation cost is saved in our small sugar plant. Because our sugar plant is directly installed on the farm just near to the sugarcane plantation. Second thing in case of big sugar plant the sugarcane reach from the farms to the plant in minimum 24 hours after cutting the sugarcane which decrease the juice recovery due to the late crushing. While in case of our small plant the sugarcane are immediately crushed after cutting which increase the sizable recovery of juice and then final sugar. Very low investment and less overheads as compared big plant is also decrease the production cost. To decrease the production cost is very very important to stand in the present competitive market.

Our technology is based on open boiling pan system which simplify the main technology, minimize the installation & maintenance cost and reduce the production cost. The crushing, boiling and bagasse drying process can be done under the sky while crystallization, sugar formation and sugar drying process require the shed. Our small plants can be shifted from one place to another (if required) without much loss of construction and any damage in the machinery. Due to the simplest technology any body can operate the plant after one week experience only. The maintenance and repairing cost is almost negligible. Thus with the so many advantages and benefits our small sugar plant gives the best quality of sugar with high profit than big and giant plants.
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