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Toilet soap making plant (Complete from oil/fat) :

Toilet soap is an oil based soap and used for bathing in whole over the world. The demand of this soap is very high at everywhere due to consumer item. Generally main raw material used for making toilet soap are palm oil or fatty acid, palm kernel or coconut oil or fatty acid, caustic soda, water, color, perfume, preservatives, additives etc. The process is started from soap saponification vessel. Oils/fats are fed by pump from storage tanks and the process is started. Required quantity of caustic lye (water) of required concentrated is added during the process. At the same time solution is heated (boiled) by using steam of steam boiler. After process of few hours, neat soap will be ready in saponification vessel which is transferred in to cooling moulds. After cooling and drying of the same soap for few hours, the same soap is converted in soap chips by using soap chips making machine that is for fast and better drying. The dried chips are used for finishing of soap and that process is started from soap mixer machine where desired color, perfume preservatives, additives etc. are added. The mixed soap is then fed to the soap roller machine where it gets homogenized, finishing and final output soap in form of thin ribbon. The same thin ribbon is fed in to the duplex plodder machine which used for highest compression, finishing of soap and which produced final output of soap in bar form. Automatic soap bar cutting machine is kept next to duplex plodder outlet and which cut soap in bar form. The next process is cutting of soap bar in to cake (tablet) which will be with suitable size of soap stamping process. Then the soap stamping machine (automatic soap stamping machine in big capacity) is used to stamp final soap in tablet (cake) form. The stamping dies of stamping machine are made specially according to buyer's selected logo, design, brand name so buyer will get final soap with desired logo, design and brand name. A process flow chart is given here for more information.


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