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Steam Boiler :

Steam boiler used for generating the steam from water. The generated steam is transferred in to the long cooking kettle where oilseed is cooked for better result of extraction process.

Boiler Pump :

The boiler pump is used for transferring water from the water tank to steam boiler with high pressure. This is a specially designed reciprocating pump.

Decorticator / Cutter / Cracker :

Decorticator or cutter or cracker is used for decorticating or cutting or cracking of oilseed before crushing process. This machine used for oilseed pre-treatment process.

Long steam cooking kettle :

Pre-processed oilseed from decorticator or cutter or cracker is fed in the feeding hopper of long cooking kettle for cooking purpose. Cooking of seeds is necessary for highest recovery and long life of oils. Long cooking kettle is specially designed for proper cooking of oilseed for better result.

Heavy-duty Expeller :

The cooked oilseeds will come to the expeller where it will be extracted (crushed) and produce the oil and by product (cake). The expeller and it's chamber is specially designed as well as heavy-duty machine for the best result of oilseed crushing.

Filter Pump :

The filter pump is used for transferring extracted oil from the oil tank of expeller to filter press with high pressure. This is a specially designed reciprocating pump.

Filter Press : :

The filter press is used for filtering of the extracted oil and make it edible. Filtered oil will be a very cleaned, transparent, fresh, pure and natural in taste without any chemicals. The filter press is specially designed for better filtration and better quality of final cooking oil.

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